Marta Coscu

Instrument: Bass guitar, orchestration

Musical biography: Soon after buying my first bass guitar as a teenager, and after some lessons, I started playing in the highschool musical theatre band, where I kept on playing for several years. After that I decided that, much as I loved musical theater, what I really wanted to play was symphonic metal, so I founded a band with some friends, initially called The Yellow Tractor Band. We never got to perform live but it made my passion for this genre grow exponentially. At this time I started writting music. After that, I joined Age of Dust and started taking music lessons again,.

Influences: My favourite bands all play symphonic metal or similar styles, I love Stream of Passion, Xandria, Epica, Nightwish… However I enjoy almost any genre of music because an open mind equals a happy spirit! So I love many kinds of metal, rock (classical and modern), classical music and opera, musical theatre, soundtracks (special mention to classical Disney movies OSTs haha), some pop singers (yeah, no shame), latin music, tangos, traditional mexican music, folk, spanish music from the 80s, spanish “cantautores”, jazz, funk and a superlong etc